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This year was an interesting one. I used my Facebook to keep track of my word count and it seemed I average 1,000 words an hour, without distractions. If something's going on or there's no music playing, I can get 500-800.
That wasn't the most interesting bit.
A friend asked to be in it so I made him a Siamese kitten. Some time later, I see a car drive off from a gas station and stop in the middle of the intersection as this furball (at first, I thought it was a raccoon) runs after the car and right into the wheel well.
The lady freaked. I reached in, pulled the kitten out of her wheel. The sucker climbed on me and started purring. Yeah, I had a new cat. The poor baby had a lip injury (long since healed) and seems a bit too sweet to have just been a dumpster cat but the way she eats, I'd swear she was one. I drove home with a kitten in my arm, staring out the window like she's a dog.
The kitten proved to be a menace. Week three, I threw in the towel. One fateful morning before work, I figured I'd give it another try while everyone was sleeping. Kitteh had other ideas and tap danced on the keyboard... deleting my book.
Something unexpected happened: I cried. Wailed. Mourned the loss of the book I wasn't even going to finish. I woke up B and cried on his shoulder until he pointed out that Google Docs is the bomb and should have a copy backed up.
Sure enough, there it was and with a few clicks of a mouse, I was back in business. Kinda felt obligated to finish. According to my stats on the website and my family, I wrote about 25,000 words in less than a week. A mite surprising!
A friend from high school contacted me and asked if I had been published yet. I went into a deep funk because while I've written a ton of stuff, nothing's seen the light of day. Sorta made me feel like I had accomplished jack.
I had started this post with alot of angst, fed mostly by worries over some things that I can't fix. Halfway through, the middle kid and his friend from up the street asked me for a ride to school. I was tempted to tell them to catch the damned bus and leave me alone to wallow but I drove them anyways. Kinda glad I did because in the silence of the drive home, I started thinking about a short story I had started and dropped for whatever reason. At the stop light, the whole thing played out and I saw the characters having conversations, going through their day.
So I write this to tell you that either today or tomorrow, there will be a new story on my LJ. Writing doesn't start and stop in November and publishing (while awesome), is not always the end result. Sometimes being able to say I finished is the best part. Like all things, it is practice until we master it.
Thanks, B, J and K*.

EDIT: I forgot to thank Debborah, Rob and Trill. :)


Jul. 11th, 2009 12:21 pm
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 (My entry for the Opium Magazine Bookmark Contest)
    The old man stroked his beard and considered the child beside him. "One day you will be broken. There is little you can do about it except accept it.
    He looked at the gardens around them. "She took everything away from me. I was a great man, now I'm an old fool." He smiled at a memory. "Ah, I had such plans for you, Arthur." The smile faded. "Gone because I was weak."
    The child watched the old man climb on a boulder. "Do you think I'll fly, child?" he asked, spreading his arms. "Shall we see? Even if I fall, I'll still be free."
    He leaned forward, falling silently from the child's sight. The child dashed to the boulder and looked at the world passing below the floating castle."
    "Goodbye, Uncle Merlin," he whispered.
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Mah man had told me of a magazine looking for submissions. Paid only in copies but the challenge was cool: 500 words and the only prompt was the word "return".
So I sat down, scratched out a few characters and while he was having dental surgery I wrote this ficlet. Under scrunity, the magazine wanted spiritual material, not the fantasy bit I had created. However, I fell in love with Bunny English and was sad that I couldn't tell you more about her or the really colorful town of Tilldae, where she lives. What I may do is knock out some more a la Cassandra just to get her out of my head. All will follow the same format: under 500 words and with one word prompts (randomly chosen).
No Returns, No Refunds )

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The final chapter of The Cassandra Project. Make sure you have lots of tissues.
Thanks to everyone who has kept up and given feedback throughout this process. Not sure what I'm going to do with this. I've considered self-publishing but also considered doing the same thing but with two other mythological characters and submitting the three as an anthology titled "Triad". Another option is to take Cassie and Joshua on more adventures.
Without further ado, I give you one last time Cassandra, daughter of Heccuba and Priam.

Memento Mori. )
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There will be more but I wanted to post this. It's so hard to write the end. I keep coming up with other things that need to be done.

We got to get together... )
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I read Twilight because I am starved for new material and wanted to see what the deal is anyways. After I read a bit, I would sum up the pages in a few words for whoever happened to be standing near me.
I finished it and to keep them from having to hear me make fun of the book, I wrote a play: Twilight Condensed )
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Try the wine! )