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This year was an interesting one. I used my Facebook to keep track of my word count and it seemed I average 1,000 words an hour, without distractions. If something's going on or there's no music playing, I can get 500-800.
That wasn't the most interesting bit.
A friend asked to be in it so I made him a Siamese kitten. Some time later, I see a car drive off from a gas station and stop in the middle of the intersection as this furball (at first, I thought it was a raccoon) runs after the car and right into the wheel well.
The lady freaked. I reached in, pulled the kitten out of her wheel. The sucker climbed on me and started purring. Yeah, I had a new cat. The poor baby had a lip injury (long since healed) and seems a bit too sweet to have just been a dumpster cat but the way she eats, I'd swear she was one. I drove home with a kitten in my arm, staring out the window like she's a dog.
The kitten proved to be a menace. Week three, I threw in the towel. One fateful morning before work, I figured I'd give it another try while everyone was sleeping. Kitteh had other ideas and tap danced on the keyboard... deleting my book.
Something unexpected happened: I cried. Wailed. Mourned the loss of the book I wasn't even going to finish. I woke up B and cried on his shoulder until he pointed out that Google Docs is the bomb and should have a copy backed up.
Sure enough, there it was and with a few clicks of a mouse, I was back in business. Kinda felt obligated to finish. According to my stats on the website and my family, I wrote about 25,000 words in less than a week. A mite surprising!
A friend from high school contacted me and asked if I had been published yet. I went into a deep funk because while I've written a ton of stuff, nothing's seen the light of day. Sorta made me feel like I had accomplished jack.
I had started this post with alot of angst, fed mostly by worries over some things that I can't fix. Halfway through, the middle kid and his friend from up the street asked me for a ride to school. I was tempted to tell them to catch the damned bus and leave me alone to wallow but I drove them anyways. Kinda glad I did because in the silence of the drive home, I started thinking about a short story I had started and dropped for whatever reason. At the stop light, the whole thing played out and I saw the characters having conversations, going through their day.
So I write this to tell you that either today or tomorrow, there will be a new story on my LJ. Writing doesn't start and stop in November and publishing (while awesome), is not always the end result. Sometimes being able to say I finished is the best part. Like all things, it is practice until we master it.
Thanks, B, J and K*.

EDIT: I forgot to thank Debborah, Rob and Trill. :)


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