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I've been writing short stories for a long time. Every since I learned to read, come to think of it. Shorts are awesome because it's not long enough to start doubting myself and giving up because I think it sounds stupid. It's a few hours spent in front of a keyboard, grinning ear-to-ear while listening to music.
The Cassandra Project began with the silly poem in "Fear No Beer" that came from tw1sterwh1spers. I could see John Constantine, drunk with a capital q, scrawling that on a a bathroom wall. So the story was born.
But Cassandra wouldn't leave me alone. She woke me up, whispered another story in my ear. I wrote it down (Let It Be) and figured that was the end.
Then I got a request for more. A novel even. Considering the old lady won't stop whispering in my ear, I'm sure I'll have enough material.
Now we run back into the problem: can I write a novel?
I've toyed with the idea of taking short stories, expanding them a bit more and putting them in order (there is an actual time line. I seem to be writing them out of order, which I'll fix. I'll post them in order as they should be not as I finish them. That way, no spoilers.). That way, I have a novel but it's written in the short format I enjoy.
Not sure how it'll turn out. It'll be interesting to see what come of this.
More when I'm not falling asleep typing.


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