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Birthdate:Dec 22

"I feel I don't need to explain my art to you."
- Empire Records

"But I like a cookie!"
-Over the Hedge

"How do you feel about male frontal nudity?"

"Where did all these people come from?"
"The Chaos Catalog, they were having a sale..."

"Don't cut that sock! It's family!"

i'm in slytherin!

be sorted @

team munkee is love
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rubber chicken bdsm is love
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more cat pictures

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*pb&j, 10 am sunday, affectionate surf-rock bands, agitating my dots, and freedom!!, bad-boys-good-at-it, bartender-djs, beer-drinking santas, ben browder on toast, boys in sarongs, boys who drink coffee, brain bleach, brown and white bread, browncoat-bear, caffine-sensitive squirrels, cameron mitchell's pants, chaos catalog, child-assist ddr, colin cunningham, daniel jackson's w33n0r, dead-psychic-cooties, drooling-over-not-pacey, dropping-ice-down-your pants, faux-irish-punk-pagans, furry jawbreakers, fuzzy-purple-unicorn meaning no, getting santa drunk, girls in grass skirts, girls that like absinthe, girls that like caramels, girls that like neopets, girls-that-giggle, grabbing-god's-ass, guerilla cosplay, guys in gold thongs, guys that blow kisses, guys that like absinthe, guys that swing swords, guys who hate tea, guys-named-puppy, guys-that-drink-hot-tea, ho-ho-hos, hobo-stab-insurance, hot coffee in cups, irony cooties, kait's harpies, kosher jewish accountants, l33t juggalos, latex ninjas, leopard-printed goddesses, loling-at-ur-lolcats, major davis' w33n0r, misspelling words while eating, naked haiku, nanowrimo, ninjas with finjas, not having cooties, not-the-ninja, pecan pi, red-headed ninjas, rubber chicken bdsm, rum-infused stimpy, samurai hentai, santa's pants, santas-with-kazoos, sardine cookies, siamese-if-you-please, siamese-shaped cushions, snatching hats, speed hamster soccer, spiritual anarchy, spo00ons, swaying-the-heteroflexible-into-bi, sweetart-eating-monkeys, team munkee, the tao of awesome, things in triplicate, turning-atheists-into-druids, vampire-larper cowboys, virgos on toast, vodka pants, w33n0rs, wizard people dear reader
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